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From: Scott Westwood
Subject: College Caper - Chapter 6WARNING:This story contains sexual acts between males. If this is not to your
tastes, and/or is illegal in your area please do not read any further. The
full warning/disclaimer/copyright statement is included at the beginning of
Chapter 1.
Copyright (c) 2003 by Scotty Westwood
(MM, bd, sm, oral, anal, whipping, cbt, hot wax, initiation)
Friday Night - Hell Weekend At The ManorWell, the big moment had finally arrived! As I drove through the night I
thought about what was about to take place. It was a miracle that I didn’t
shoot a load right then and there. Sitting in the back of my van were the
six hot Phi Sig pledges. They were naked, blindfolded, with their hands
handcuffed behind their backs, Preteen Sex Videos and they each had a brick tied to their
balls. What’s more? They were mine for the entire weekend!They had no clue where we were headed, but I did. It was the old country
manor I had purchased years before, set deep in the woods, far from prying
eyes and ears. It also had a carefully equipped dungeon with six cells,
left over from the days when it had served as the county sheriff’s office.
And of course there was the vast inventory of toys and BDSM equipment that
I had acquired over the years. Put that together with my naked cargo and
you had the makings of a fun weekend.Though I had originally planned on having my regular helper, things had
changed, and I was to be alone with these six hot jocks for the next couple
of hours.
I didn’t mind one bit. My little assistant would arrive in about two
hours. Until then, they were mine and mine alone, and I intended to take
full advantage of their beautiful bodies.I could tell that the experience at the Tri Delt house had made an
impression on my six charges. I don’t think they said a word the entire
trip. I did however hear a few whimpers every now and then. I suspected
that most were coming from Jared, that overly cute little dude with the
bright blond hair, rosy cheeks and boyish looks. Though I knew he had been
“deflowered” on stage (DUH, I was in the audience), I was looking forward
to doing some nasty things to his sweet, overly young looking body!Oh yes, and speaking of deflowering. Brian, the hot former Marine who had
taught little Jared how to suck a cock and then had broken his cherry in
front of the crowd, well damn what could I say! He was a real hottie! His
performance at the cemetery was great and I was looking forward to seeing
just how much pain the stud could endure!Then there was Brad. My, my, but he was so hot. His main test so far had
been to impale himself on a bunch of beer bottles. I had watched him do
that and looked forward to testing more than just his hot little hole. He
was SO proud of his beautiful body and I intended to take advantage of
that.Of course, there was Jim. He really had not had very many challenges so
far. True, he had been passed through the crowd for some wild feelies, but
he had yet to be tested. And there was the fact that he was clearly the
most “fanatic” about being straight. I couldn’t wait to challenge that.Steve was the poor dude who had just been punished so severely for his
transgression with the young sister of the Tri Delt Pledge mistress. Though
I felt sorry for him, I knew that I was only going to give him a short
rest. That hard rugby player’s body of his was just too much to pass up,
and I wanted to test it to the max.And lastly, there was Todd. The slender dark haired beauty who was
struggling with his own sexuality. Of course I could tell! I was well
acquainted with that struggle. A guy who had convinced himself he was
straight, but was suddenly faced with a flood of desires that said
otherwise. His cock was hard the entire time he was on stage, and boy was
he hard now!Anyway, I managed to make it to the manor safely, despite the fact that my
own hard-on threatened to become entangled with the steering wheel.As I approached the manor house, the driveway lights came on automatically,
triggered by the motion detectors. I went around to the back of the house
and backed the van up to the exterior basement entry.Though none of the pledges said a word, I could sense their feelings. What
was there, was a Preteen Sex Videos mixture of fear and excitement. That particular excitement
seemed to produce a scent all it’s own. It is the smell of naked male
bodies, at their prime, pumped up with that incredible essence of arrogance
that screamed, “Test me!” It was intoxicating, and I was totally drunk
with that smell.I climbed out of the van, and by the time I reached the rear door, I was in
my prime Master mode. I pulled the door open and shouted, “Okay,
shitheads, get your sorry asses out of there!”They seemed shocked, but wasted no time. I watched as they struggled to
leave the van. It was an amusing and erotic site. With their hands cuffed
behind their backs and blindfolded, they had to fumble their way out.
What’s more, each had a brick attached to his balls. There was more than
one cry of pain as the brick slid to the back of the van and then dropped,
delivering a shot of pain on the other end.When all six were out of the van, I told them to form a line, single file.There was some confusion at first, then Brian, that Marine hottie, took
charge. He took a position and then directed the other pledges to line up
behind him. He used his voice to guide them in, and amazingly, within just
a few moments, there was a rough line of six naked pledges.Brian was in the lead, followed by Steve, Todd, Brad, Jim, and finally
Jared.So far so good.Once again I spoke in my command voice, “Okay turds, you will now bend down
and reach back behind you until you can feel the brick of the guy behind
you. When you do, you will pick up that brick and hold it against your own
balls! As for the guy on the end, don’t worry, you just wait. And for the
guy in the lead… well, just wait, I’ll take care of your brick.”I watched as they rushed to complete their latest assignment.It did not take them long. Brian bent down, reached back and grabbed
Steve’s brick and quickly stood back up, with the brick resting on his own
balls. The other guys did the same, except for Jared, who was on the tail
end. And there the were, all lined up tightly, holding a brick that was
tied to the balls of the guy behind them. It was a beautiful sight!I let them stand like that for several minutes. Then I picked up the brick
hanging from Brian’s balls and gave it a tug.”Follow me boys!” I exclaimed as I headed towards the basement entrance.I glanced around and laughed as I saw the daisy chain of naked guys
following obediently. Of course, they had no choice, and in no time, I was
standing in the manor basement with my six naked charges. Or, if you
prefer, I was standing in my carefully prepared torture chamber with my six
naked charges.Once again I left them stand for a moment. Then I simply dropped Brian’s
brick. He let out a shriek as it reached the end of the rope and tugged
sharply on his balls.I watched Brian dance around a little then I commanded the other pledges,
“Okay boys, now listen up! Your weekend of hell is actually beginning
right now. You are expected to obey every command without resistance. You
will perform every challenge or task to the absolute best of your ability.
If I sense resistance or think that you are not pushing yourself hard
enough, you Preteen Sex Videos will be required to do a penalty. The first one of you who
earns a penalty will become the PENALTY BOY for the rest of the
weekend. Which means from that point on, every time one of you earns a
penalty, the PENALTY BOY will be required to do one as well. DO YOU SHIT
HEADS UNDERSTAND ME?”They shouted “YES SIR!” Not quite in unison, but close enough.”Good, now, those of you who are holding bricks will drop them RIGHT NOW!”The order came so quickly, that they did not have time to think. They just
obeyed. And so, I was rewarded with a chorus of screams and moans as the
remaining five pledges felt a nasty tug on their balls as the bricks
reached the end of their ropes.”Okay boys, now, reach back and grab the cock of the guy behind you. Make
sure you get a good grip on it.”Blindfolded and handcuffed as Preteen Sex Videos they were, they had a little trouble
completing this task, but they rushed to do it. After a few moments, they
were standing close together with the cock of the guy behind held firmly in
cuffed hands.I pulled out a small leash and attached it to the rope around Brian’s
balls. Then I gave it a tug and said, “Follow me.”The six pledges, shuffled along behind Brian. Shuffle was about all they
could do with their hands cuffed and holding onto the dick of the guy
behind. I led them around the basement a couple times and lucky for them,
no one lost his grip.Finally I led them back to the center of the room and took the leash off of
Brian’s cock. I let them stand there holding each other’s cocks for
several minutes, then I guided their line around until they formed a small
circle. At that point, Jared, the guy on the end, was now able to reach
the leader’s cock. So I guided his hands onto Brian and told him to hang
on. Then I spoke.”Okay, boys, now I am going to tell you about one of the few words you will
be allowed to speak this weekend. The word is ‘edge.’ Unless you are told
otherwise, you will say that word when you are at the point when you are
just about ready to cum. UNDERSTOOD?”"Yes sir!” they shouted.”Good, now each of you has his hands on the cock of the guy behind you. You
will now stroke and fondle the guy behind you until he reaches the point
when he is just about to cum. He will of course shout EDGE when he hits
that point. If you make the guy cum, you will earn yourself a
penalty. Once he shouts edge, you will stop stroking and fondling, but you
keep your hands on his cock UNDERSTOOD!”"Yes sir!”Good, Preteen Sex Videos
in that case get to it!”There were a few sighs as they began stroking each other’s cocks. I
grabbed a chair and sat down to watch. God what a sight it was! The six
naked, jocks, standing in a circle, butts to groins with their hands cuffed
behind them, stroking the next guy’s cock. It did not take them long to
start sweating, from the closeness, the exertion and the sexual tension. A
few of them were breathing hard.Now, if you have been following the story, it should not be difficult to
guess who was gonna shout edge first. I had my guess, and I was correct.”EDGE!” echoed across the stone room. And it was a desperate one. Coming
from Todd of course. Steve stopped his stroking immediately.The next one was somewhat of a surprise. It was Jim, the “straightest” of
the bunch. He was, however, clearly worked up by Brad’s expert handling of
his cock and balls. His shouted “EDGE!” was more a plea for mercy than
anything else.Jared was the next to shout. I laughed a little. Jared had a boyish voice
that matched his looks, and sounded like he was making a deliberate attempt
to sound more manly as he said “EDGE!”It appeared that Jared’s situation had an immediate effect on the guy he
was stroking, Brian. My hot former Marine delivered a howling “EDGE”! in
true military style.It did not take long for the last two, Brad and Steve, to make their
pronouncements. When they were done, I once again left them standing there
for several minutes. They were all breathing hard. Their beautiful hard
bodies were glistening with sweat and the room was already permeated with
that incredible smell of male sexual excitement.”Well done boys!”They seemed very pleased with themselves, so of course I decided to Preteen Sex Videos push
them a little further. Like I said, it was a great sight, six hot naked
young guys, standing in a tight circle, hands cuffed behind their back and
holding the hard cock of the guy behind. Sheesh!”Okay dudes, you’re going to do the EDGE exercise again. Only this time,
you will hold your hands steady around the cock of the guy behind
you. Meanwhile you will start fucking the hands of the guy who’s holding
your cock. You will continue humping his hands until you hit the edge. When
you do, shout “EDGE” and stop your humping. UNDERSTOOD?”They consider for a moment and then said, “Yes Sir.”"Very, good! So start your hand fucking.”They shifted their hands around the cock they were holding and then began
humping. Once again, it was a great sight! Their sense of sexual arousal
seemed intensified by the humiliating circumstances. From my view, the
scene was much more erotic than before, since the glistening studs were now
humping with their groins.It took a little longer for them to reach the edge this time and they were
really sweating when the first voice shouted “EDGE!”No surprise there though, it was Todd again. That poor bunny was dying to
CUM. The others followed in rapid succession and I really couldn’t tell
what order they were in.”Well boys, nicely done, very nicely done! You can let go of the cock you
are holding, but maintain your position.”I circled the ring of my six edge players, allowing them to catch their
breaths. They were all breathing hard. Steve was looking a little wobbly
in Preteen Sex Videos the knees by this time and young Jared was red all over his Preteen Sex Videos body. I
couldn’t tell how much of this was Preteen Sex Videos
blush from embarrassment or blood rush
from the physical exertion. No matter, he looked good enough to eat!I waited until their breathing was once again normal and for some of their
cocks to start softening. I could tell that they were all very tired, and
desperate for a break. Well, a break was just around the corner, but they
did not know that. What happened next was the part of this circle game
that I was looking forward to the most. Remember, all six guys still had a
brick hanging from their balls.”Okay boys. Now I want each of you to reach back and untie the rope that is
tied around your brother’s balls. Let the rope and the brick drop to the
floor. Go ahead and do it now.”I suspect that there are very few of you guys who have ever tried to untie
a rope from around the balls of a guy standing behind you. Especially with
your hands cuffed behind your back and being blindfolded.Needless to say there were plenty of grunts and groans and a lot of
fumbling, but eventually they succeeded and the bricks were all on the
floor. There was a collective sigh of relief as the pressure Preteen Sex Videos on their
balls was released and they all seemed much more relaxed. That too was
part of my plan. Having a rope tied around your balls with a weight
attached makes it harder to cum of course. That was one of the reasons
they worked up so much of a sweat getting to the edge during the first two
parts of my nasty little circle game. It was the last part, which I knew
would be the toughest.”Okay boys, you’ve had your rest, now I will explain the last part of our
little circle game.”I suspected they all wanted to say. “OH SHIT!” but none did. However, they
were looking a little nervous now.”Once again, I want you to grab hold of the cock of the guy behind you.”They fumbled a bit, but were soon standing as before, each with another
guy’s cock in hand.One of the things I have become quite expert at is knowing when a guy is
about to cum. There is a distinctive breathing pattern and muscle
tightening that almost every guy exhibits. It is different from when they
are just working up to it. It is also very easy for me to spot. That also
means that it is difficult for a guy to fake me out. That is, to say he is
at the edge, when he isn’t.
It is important to understand that for this last part of the game.”Okay boys, now this is what I want you to do. When I say GO, you will
immediately start stroking the cock that is in your hands. I want you to
get the guy behind you to the edge as quickly as possible. But this time,
when he says “EDGE” you will continue stroking, without letting up. You
will continue stroking until ALL six of you are at the edge. As soon all
six of you are at the edge, I will say STOP. That is when you will stop
stroking and NOT before. If I catch any one of you letting up, once his
guy has called EDGE, I will charge you with a penalty. If any of you fake
being at the EDGE, you will earn a penalty. AND finally, if any one of you
CUM’s before you are ALL at the edge, you will earn a penalty for yourself,
AS WELL AS every member of the group! That means if you CUM, you will get
two penalties. One for cumming and one as a member of the group. Do you
UNDERSTAND ME BOYS?”There was a collective gulp. They obviously understood. They said “Yes
Sir,” but were clearly afraid. After all the first few guys who reached
the edge, would have to keep themselves from CUMMING with their cocks being
stroked. There was also the fact that their balls were now released from
their restraints.I allowed them to think about their situation for a few more minutes as I
walked around the circle, checking their cock’s.Todd was already hard as a rock. As were Brian and Brad. Steve and Jim
were fairly soft and it looked like Jared’s dick was shrinking in terror.
I allowed myself to ponder the upcoming challenge, and then shouted “GO.”Once again they worked on each other’s cocks with their cuffed hands. They
seemed very cautious and I had to yell at them a couple of times, to get
them stroking faster. Once I was sure they were stroking properly, I
started walking around the circle, looking for the signs.As I expected, I saw the beginning of the signs on Todd’s body. Preteen Sex Videos
breathing shifted suddenly and his muscles tightened. But just as he began
to open his mouth, I heard someone else shout “EDGE!” in a high-pitched
voice of panic. I walked around the circle to check it out and heard Todd
shout “EDGE” behind me. When I got to the source of the first call, I was
taken aback. It was Jared. The little dude who only moments before had
the shrinking dick. His cock was now rock hard, and standing straight up.
He was panting loudly and gritting his teeth. Drops of pre-cum dribbled
from the end of his engorged manhood. He was clearly struggling to keep
from cumming. Since Jim was the guy stroking Jared, I leaned over and
whispered in his ear, “You just keep up the pace on young Jared’s cock boy!
If I suspect for an instant that you are slowing down or relaxing your
grip, you will get a very NASTY penalty.” Jim nodded and kept up the pace.Another minute went by and Jared and Todd were in major distress. Both let
out a slight sigh of relief Preteen Sex Videos when they heard Brian and Brad shout “EDGE” in
quick succession. Four of the pledges were now at the EDGE and of course
were now in real danger of cumming as the stroking continued.They would grit their teeth then pant quickly to hold back their man
juices. Once again there was a collective sigh of relief when the fifth
guy shouted EDGE. It was Jim and he seemed greatly relieved. Now there was
only one left, who was not at the edge. I could see Brian picking up the
pace, trying to bring Steve to the edge as quickly as possible. It looked
like Steve was getting really close when it happened!I suspect that Jim might have been just a little too relieved when he hit
his own edge. And in that relief, he probably added just enough pressure to
Jared’s excited cock, to tip the scales.The scream was blood curdling to say the least!”OH GOD NO, PLEASE NO!”I turned to the voice just in time to see young Jared’s cock shooting
ribbons of his white seed up into the air and onto Jim’s back and
shoulders. I was amazed that he still had that much in his balls.
Especially after his earlier performance at the Sorority House. And he
continued shooting as Steve finally shouted “EDGE!”I immediately shouted “STOP!” and they all stopped stroking.They were sweating even more and breathing hard. Jared was panting and
looked like he was about to cry. I felt a little sorry for the little guy,
but also knew I would enjoy using him as the “Penalty Boy” for the rest of
the weekend.”Well boys, it appears we have found our Penalty Boy for the rest of the
weekend. Congratulations Jared! That means, of course, that anytime one of
your pledge brothers earns a penalty, you will get one as well.”Brian started to say something. I suspect he wanted to protect Jared. Preteen Sex Videos I
cut him off with a sharp twist to one of his nipples.”Watch it there Marine, you wouldn’t want poor Jared to earn another
penalty already would you?”Brian swallowed hard and mumbled, “Uh, no sir. Sorry sir!”"That’s okay Brian. Just don’t let it happen again! Remember, all of you
are mine for the weekend. You will do anything and everything I command,
without question!”"Yes SIR!” they shouted.”Good, now we have some business to take care of. Since Jared CAME, you
have all earned a penalty. We will take care of that right now. Now let go
of each other’s cocks and form a single line standing side by side.”They stumbled around a bit but quickly formed a line.”Jared, take two steps forward.”The quivering little dude stepped forward. I was amazed by the fact that
even though he had just CUM and was very scared, he was still quite hard.
I was also mesmerized by the sight of his cock and balls. They were
wonderful and perfect! As if a sculptor had been asked to create a perfect
manhood set. When he was hard, his cock stood straight up. It had a
perfectly formed circumcised mushroom head, with a properly proportional
shaft which showed just the right amount of veins. His balls hung down low
in a nice sack covered with a soft peach fuzz. And it was all framed by a
nice pubic forest of dark hair with blond highlights.Yes, young Jared’s best parts were in for some sweet CBT this weekend.I walked over to Jared and removed his handcuffs and blindfold. He squinted
as his eyes became accustomed to the candle lit room. I watched with
amusement as Jared glanced around the room, taking in all the torture
devices and equipment.He seemed frightened of course. Even more so, when he saw me. I was
wearing a black hooded robe and had on a mask that covered everything above
my mouth.I placed my hand behind Jared’s neck and led him to a far corner of the
room. When we got there, I handed him a ring of keys and whispered to him.”Jared, your penalty will be taken care of shortly. We will do the others
first and this is how it is going to work. You will take these keys and
use them to un-cuff your pledge brothers. You will also remove their
blindfolds. Then place the cuffs, the blindfolds and the keys on that
small table over there.”Jared seemed to understand and I motioned for him to proceed.He quickly did as he was told. In no time, the other five pledges were
standing in the center of the room, rubbing their wrists and looking
around. They all looked quite nervous now.Jared returned to my side and I continued my instructions.”Okay Jared. You will now supervise the penalties for your pledge brothers.
Each one is to bend over, grab his ankles and receive ten hard smacks with
the fraternity paddle. You will be the one to deliver the smacks and they
had better be hard!”Jared looked like he wanted to object, but he quickly thought better of it.I handed him the paddle. It was made of wood, and was about 30 Preteen Sex Videos inches long
and 5 1/2 inches wide. It was the type of paddle that has been used in
fraternities since the dawn of time.”Go ahead Jared!” I scowled.Jared walked over to the others and quickly explained what they had to do.
I could tell Jared was not happy about what he had to do. Of course there
were no arguments. Preteen Sex Videos They listened to Jared’s instructions, then bent over
and grabbed hold of their ankles.I called across the room. “Each of you will count out load as your strokes
are delivered!”Jared walked to the end of the line and took careful aim at Brian’s
athletic butt. He glance over at me and saw me standing with my arms
folded. He got the message and started swinging.”THWACKKKKK!”The first blow almost knocked Brian off his feet. Brian shook his head to
regain his composure as he shouted. “ONE!”"THWACKKKK!”Jared delivered another hard blow and Brian screamed, “TWO!”I walked across the room and stood behind Jared, I did not want to miss the
“cherry blossom” festival that was soon to be spread across those five
beautiful sets of cheeks. I whispered in Jared’s ear.”That’s perfect BOY, just like that! Don’t you dare let up! Understood?”Jared gulped and glanced back at me, “Uh, yes sir!”"THWACKKK!”"THREE” called Brian, through clenched teeth.By the time Jared reached ten, Brian’s ass cheeks were glowing bright red.
His eyes were glassed over with tears and he could barely get out the last
count… “TTT…TEN!” He shouted with relief.Jared stepped to the side and took aim at Steve’s butt. It was till showing
the signs of his punishment back at the Tri Delt House. Though I was
tempted to let him off the hook, I let Jared have at him.”THWACKKK!”Jared’s first blow was just as strong as the ones he had given to Brian.Steve’s voice quivered, as he called out, “ONE!”"THWACKK!”That blow knocked Steve off his feet. What’s more he screamed as he called
the count. “TTT… TWO… FUCK MAN!… GOD DAMN!”I motioned for Jared to stop. I walked around in front, bent down and
grabbed Steve’s chin, tilting his head up so I could look into his eyes.
They were filling with tears.”Look boy, you know what you have to do, and you are going to do it. Now
since you are already having so much trouble, I’m going to plug that mouth
of yours and have someone else count for you. Brian stand up and step over
here!”Brian rushed to obey.I released Steve’s chin and told Brian to face Steve and stand directly in
front of Preteen Sex Videos him.”Okay Brian, now plug Steve’s dirty mouth with your cock.”Both were taken by surprise but did not argue. Steve reluctantly opened
his mouth as Brian grabbed his hair and pulled his face towards his hard
manhood. It look like Steve was going to say something, but Brian took
care of that possibility, by ramming his cock deep into Steve’s mouth.
Steve choked a little but quickly adjusted to the new situation.”Now Steve, if you pull your mouth off of Brian’s cock and say another word
before Jared is through with you, you will earn yourself and the Penalty
Boy another Penalty. Brian will count for you.”I could see Steve understood, so I motioned to Jared.”THWACKK!”Brian shouted “THREE!” As Steve took the hit and gyrated in pain.”THWACKK!”Another hard blow along with a shuffle of pain from Steve and Brian’s count
of “FOUR!”As Jared delivered the next blow, Steve jerked violently and looked like he
was gonna pull off of Brian’s cock. But he couldn’t. Brian grabbed the
back of Steve’s neck and held his mouth on his cock.Though I probably should have objected, I didn’t. The sight of the hunky
Marine, forcibly holding Steve’s mouth on his cock, was just too much. And
so I watch in erotic fascination as Jared delivered the last few blows. By
the time he reached ten, Brian was using all his strength to keep Steve’s
face buried safely in his pubes. I let the two of them stand like that as
Jared moved to the next in line, Todd.”THWACKK!”Todd took Jared’s first hard blow and shouted “ONE!”Though I was anxious to watch Todd taking his penalty, I could not pull my
eyes off of Brian and Steve. Steve was still bent over, but his hands were
no longer around his ankles. Somehow I had missed the fact that during the
last few smacks, he must have let go of his ankles and reached forward,
wrapping his arms around the back of Brian’s thighs, just above his knees.
Most likely for balance and but also emotional support.Brian’s cock was still inside his mouth and he was clutching Brian’s thighs
very tightly as he sobbed. Though Brian was not saying anything, he was
patting Steve on the head gently. This was more than just erotic, it was
very touching and I decided not to interrupt.”THWACKKK!”Todd shouted “TWO” and his penalty continued.The remainder of Todd’s penalty passed without any extraordinary events.
As did the ass reddening of Brad and Jim. Sometime during Brad’s penalty,
I had allowed Steve to pull off of Brian’s cock and stand up. He had
regained his composure and was looking like the hardened jock I knew he
was.When Jim’s penalty was completed, I ordered all of the pledges to stand
back in a line, side by side.I walked behind the line and surveyed the result of Jared’s expert
paddling. Five bright red athletic butts stared back at me. Man, did that
look great. And then there was Jared, who’s snow white cheeks provided a
sharp contrast to those of his fellow pledges. Jared would of course
receive the same penalty as the others, but since he had CUM, he was to
receive an additional penalty for that. Oh yes, and since he was the
Penalty Boy, he would receive one for that as well.When I was done with my ass viewing, I went over to the other side of the
room, grabbed the end of the wooden punishment horse and wheeled to the
center of the room, facing the pledges. It was essentially a large saw
horse with a wide padded top bar that was angled slightly. There were
leather restraints attached to all four legs that could be moved up and
down.The horse’s victim would lean over and place his chest on the padded cross
bar. His arms would be pulled down the front and secured to each leg of
the horse with the leather restraints. Then his legs would be spread wide
as his ankles were secured to the horse’s rear legs. If the victim was to
receive a severe punishment, two wider straps would be wrapped around his
knees and secured to the rear legs as well. The result of this devilish
bondage was that the person delivering the punishment had full access to
the victim’s back, butt thighs, legs and genitals. If a genital whipping
was in order, there would be no way the victim could block any blows with
his legs. The knee restraints took care of that.Jared’s eyes Preteen Sex Videos
opened wide as he looked at the horse. In fact they were all
eyeing it. I left them to their thoughts for a few minutes as I moved a
small table into place beside the horse. The pledge’s eyes were on me as I
slowly placed several items on the table.First there was the fraternity paddle. The boys were VERY familiar with it.
Then there was a leather strap, followed by two riding crops (0ne large,
one small), a cat-o-nine tails, a leather parachute with weights, and my
favorite device, a “Water-Bater.”Before continuing I should explain about two of the devices (in case there
are some who aren’t familiar with them).First the parachute. It is a circular piece of leather with metal snaps
and three small metal chains. It has a whole in the middle with the slit
extending to the outer edge. To use it, you hold the slit open and slide
the leather circle onto the victim’s ball sac, just above his balls. The
slit is then snapped together. At this point the guy’s balls will be
hanging down through the center of that leather circle. The three metal
chains will be dangling but do come together at their ends. That is where
the weights are attached. Once the weights are in place, the leather
circle takes on a conical or parachute shape as it is pulled down around
the balls by the chains. Needless to say, the balls cannot pass through
the hole in the leather “chute” so they are pulled down as well.Then there was the “Water-Bater.” It is essentially a plastic cylinder with
water encased in its thick soft walls. When plugged in, a tiny heating
element warms the water while an elastic constriction ring moves slowly up
and down the walls of the cylinder. There is also a Velcro strap on one end
that is used to secure it in place. Put this thing on a guy’s cock and it
will feel like a strong warm hand is slowly stroking away. It is a hand
that NEVER gets tired. This particular one was the deluxe model, which
meant it had ten levels. At level one, the water is just warmed a
little… the constriction band is at it’s loosest setting, and the speed
of the band moving up and down is very slow. With each level, the water
grows hotter… the band tighter and the stroking becomes faster.After I was done placing all of the items on the table, I scanned their
faces. Their eyes were glued to the table top as they considered the
possibilities for each item.”Well boys. Before we finish up our little session, I am going to explain
to you the rules for the rest of the weekend. Pay close attention. If you
break any of these rules, you will be charged with a penalty and of course,
so will the Penalty Boy.” A couple of them glanced at Jared who had a
worried and pleading expression on his face.”The first rules concern your own bodies. From now until the end of the
weekend, you will not touch your own cock, balls or ass for ANY REASON
without my orders. This includes going to the bathroom. Each of you will
be assigned Preteen Sex Videos
a bathroom buddy. If you have to use the bathroom, your buddy
will go with you. He will be the one to hold your cock in place while you
take a piss. He will also be the one to wipe your ass after you take a
shit!”They all looked embarrassed as hell at this point.”Your bathroom buddy will also be your eating buddy. At meal times, you
will feed each other. No one will feed themselves.”That one seemed fairly easy.”Next, you will absolutely NOT CUM without my permission. Nor will you help
one of your buddies CUM without my permission. If you ever reach the point
where you are about to CUM, you will shout EDGE like you did during the
circle game.”"Your talking will be kept to an absolute minimum. By that I mean you will
talk only when necessary to complete a task or challenge. There will be NO
idle chit chat. Do you understand so far?” “Yes sir!” they exclaimed.”Good. And finally, you will obey every order without
complaint. Complaining is grounds for a penalty. Do you understand all the
rules?”"Yes sir!” they declared again.”Very good. Now I have a piece of good news for all of you.”Standing there naked, most with flaming asses and after the experiences of
the Brick Run, they looked like they could use some really good news right
about now!”In Preteen Sex Videos
accordance with the agreement I made with your Pledge Master, your
Pledge period will be shortened by TWO weeks IF I give him an overall
positive report about how you guys do during this weekend!”That seemed to get their attention. The agreement was true and I would give
the boys a positive report, IF and ONLY IF they followed the rules and
obeyed all my orders.The news had the desired effect on my naked charges. Though their faces
still showed some fear, there was also something else. That something was a
combination of hope and determination. They had a purpose now and a reward
ahead. It was just enough of a boost to enable them to completely
surrender to those wild desires that course through their bodies.”Okay boys. How about a bathroom break?”They brightened up even more as they said, “YES SIR!”I quickly assigned them to their bathroom buddies. And NO, Jared and Brian
were not together. The assignments went Preteen Sex Videos like this: Brian and Jim, Brad and
Steve, Todd and Jared. If you have been keeping up with this Preteen Sex Videos ongoing
story, you might want to take a moment to consider those pairings. It might
give you some very interesting food for thought! Or food for fantasies! Of
course you have to know the guys to really get into it. I’m not going to
take the story time to delve into that right now.Anyway, I let them go to the bathroom with their buddies. I stood near the
door to listen to their exchanges. I was pleased to note that they were
following my orders. The little pieces of conversation I heard confirmed
that. “Yo dude, push my cock down more, it’s splashing against the
side… I think you missed some shit on my ass… and so on.”Okay, so there we were. The guys were once again back in line, with empty
bladders and asses. They all seemed much more relaxed. So it was of
course time to rain on their parade, or at least one parade.”Well boys, looks like you guys are just about ready for bed.”They liked that bit of news.”But, there is one small matter of business we need to take care of.”There were some looks of concern. But hell, they were loose.”Five of you have performed your Preteen Sex Videos penalty. We still need to deal with
Jared’s penalties.”The blood ran out of Jared’s previously relaxed and glowing face as the
others glanced his way.”Now I am going explain where things stand. To start with, Jared CAME
during the last part of the circle game. That of course earned him one
penalty, just for that. Since the rules were that if any of you came, you
would all receive a penalty, he earned another penalty, since he is part of
the group. So that brought Jared to two penalties. And finally, since Jared
was the first guy to earn a penalty, he became the Penalty Boy for the
weekend, which means he gets one more. So, Jared will now receive THREE
penalties.”There was absolutely no more blush in Jared’s normally rosy cheeks. He was
white as a ghost. Though I saw some sympathy in the faces of his fellow
brothers, they clearly knew that there was nothing they could do. Oh yes,
and there was the recent hard paddling they had received at Jared’s own
hands which was probably helping to alleviate some of their concerns. Funny
how a stinging ass does that.Being as enamored as I was with the dynamics of interpersonal
relationships, I knew what Brian was feeling. His face confirmed my
conclusions. Brian was the tough Marine. Gay yes, but truly tough. If he
took a “shine” to someone, he would freely sacrifice his own well-being for
that person. Preteen Sex Videos And Brian had CLEARLY taken a shine to that sweet little
boyish Jared. The events earlier that evening made that very clear. Brian
was feeling very sorry for Jared and I was sure he would sacrifice himself
to save Jared from more pain and suffering.I toyed with the idea for a moment, and decided that I would not give Brian
that chance, at least not right now. Hmmmm. BUT, it might just be fun to
test the other Pledges’ devotion to a brother in need. After all, three of
my penalties would seem to be really hard for anyone to take.”Jared, come over here boy. NOW!.”Jared walked over and stood beside me. He was a man condemned to a
terrible fate and he was showing it. His dick was once more shrinking
inside his body.”You have earned three penalties. We will start Preteen Sex Videos with Preteen Sex Videos the same one your
brothers have received. Now bend over and grab your ankles.”Jared did as he was told. It only took a moment for his beautiful white ass
to be in position for his paddling. I picked up the fraternity paddle and
extended it to Steve.”You will go first Steve. Give him Preteen Sex Videos two hard whacks. And I warn all of
you, those whacks had better be just as hard, or harder than the ten he
gave each of you!”Steve took the paddle and walked over Preteen Sex Videos to Jared.He took careful aim and delivered a NASTY whack to Jared’s white cheeks.”THWACKKK!”Jared moaned, but managed to say “ONE,” through his tightly clenched teeth.”THWACKKK!”Steve delivered his second blow, even harder than the first. “UH.. TWO!”
Jared managed to squeak.”Todd, you’re next,” I exclaimed.Steve handed the paddle to Todd, who wasted no time.”THWACKKK!”Jared grunted, “THREEEE!”"THWACKKK!”"FFFF.. FOUR!”Jared was whimpering now. Tears were running down his cheeks. But to his
credit, the little dude did not let go of his ankles and kept his butt in
the air. I also could not help but notice that his cock was no longer
In fact it was rising rapidly. This was one hot little package!I gestured and Preteen Sex Videos Todd passed the paddle to Jim.Jim looked a little reluctant to take it. After all he was the guy who had
made Jared cum. The reluctance passed quickly, and Jim delivered TWO nasty
whacks to Jared’s reddening cheeks.Brad was next. His whacks were the hardest yet. When he was done, Jared
was sobbing deeply and his eyes were swollen with tears. BUT, he still had
not let go of his ankles. What’s more, his cock was now sticking straight
up into his boyish little abs.And now it was Brian’s turn. Of course I wanted it this way. He stared at
Jared’s bright red ass and looked at the little quivering body. Brian was
being torn apart inside. I, on the other hand was in sadistic heaven. It
was a win- win situation. Preteen Sex Videos If Brian did as he was supposed to, he would
deliver two very hard whacks to Jared’s hot and burning little ass. That in
itself would be fun to watch. And, if Brian delivered some softer blows,
he would earn a penalty for himself and one more Preteen Sex Videos for his darling little
penalty boy. Needless to say, both penalties would be BAD!I watched Brian’s face as he made his decision. He raised the paddle and
delivered two incredibly hard blows to Jared’s ass in quick succession.Jared screamed loudly, but still managed to cry, “NINE… TEN!” as he was
knocked off his feet and landed in a crying heap on the floor. He laid on
the floor for just a moment, then quickly scrambled back to his feet and
assumed the position.He was shaking terribly and crying, but there he was, bending over with his
hands around his ankles and his now flaming red ass in the air. His
gorgeous little body was covered with sweat and he was breathing very hard.I leaned down and took a look at his groin. His cock was sticking straight
out and its head was glistening with a fair amount of pre-cum. This was one
remarkable little dude.”Okay, Jared, you can stand up now.” Jared let go of his ankles and stood
up. He tried hard to stifle his tears as he stood before his fellow
pledges. He seemed totally unconcerned about the fact that his dick was
now pointing straight up in the air, in complete and total arousal.”Well, you all did very well. You too Jared, you took your penalty with
honor and in keeping with the highest Phi Sig traditions. You should be
proud of yourself.”Jared brightened up quickly. He wiped the remaining tears from his face
and was now standing very proudly.”Okay, now we have two penalties to go!”Jared flinched a little, but was still on running on his little high from
the praise I had just dished out.”Are you ready for the next penalty Jared?”Jared looked straight ahead and declared, “YES SIR!” His male hormones
were now running ay full speed.”Well, good. Now listen up boys. I suspect that some or all of you are
thinking that two more penalties is going to be pretty rough on your
brother Jared here. If so you are correct, it will be. But there may be a
way to make things just a little easier for him. Since you are soon to be
fraternity brothers, it would be acceptable for one of you to volunteer to
take his place for one of those penalties.”They looked surprised and concerned. What I had just done was to challenge
their bonds of fraternal love and devotion. One or all of them had to
volunteer or the honor of the pledge class would be tainted.Jared tried to say something, but I silenced him with a wave of my hand. I
had no doubt that he would have pleaded to take the penalties he had
earned, regardless of how unfair they were. That little move on Jared’s
part had it’s effect on the others.”If you are willing to sacrifice yourself and take Jared’s place for one of
his two penalties, raise your hand now!”I am sure that most people would have expected some delay at this point. A
moment of hesitation… some looks to see what the others were doing and so
on. Well there was none! All five pledges raised their hands. Out of the
corner of my eye, I saw Jared’s eyes fill with tears.”Well, well, this is an extraordinary group of pledge brothers. Don’t worry
Jared, I’ll decide who takes your place for one of the remaining
penalties.”I knew that Brian would be anxious to be the one chosen, so of course that
ruled him out. I also decided not to choose Steve. He had been through a
lot of punishment already and needed a rest. That left Brad, Jim and Todd.
I looked at the three and made my decision quickly.”Okay, I have decided who’s offer to accept. But before we proceed, I have
a little treat for you all.”I directed them to follow me to the corner of the room. As I explained in
an earlier chapter, this basement room had a small stone lined waterway
that came in one side of the room and when out the other. It was fed by
springs and was always ice cold. There was a keg of beer sitting in the
icy waters and seven large mugs were lined up on the trough wall.I had Brian fill the seven mugs and then I toasted the Phi Sig Pledge
class. Then I had each of them propose a toast of their own. There was one
for the “Phi Sig Brothers… one for the Tri Delt Sisters… one for the US
Marine Corps (guess who made that one!)… one for the University… One
for the brewery… and one for me (Not that surprising I guess, since they
were now eager to please me. What was a little surprising was that it came
from Jared, the Penalty Boy).It didn’t take long to empty the big mugs and I made sure Brian filled them
again. I drank only the first mug full. I knew what lay ahead, and I did
not want to impair my judgment.I allowed them to savor the beer for just a little while, then ordered them
to chug what they had left. They raised their mugs and quickly chugged the
remainder of their beers. What can I say, it’s a guy thing!When they were done, I ordered Brian, Jim, Steve and Brad to follow me. I
led them to the cells on the other side of the room. I directed Brian and
Jim into the first cell. As soon as they were in, I locked the cell door
behind them. Then I did the same to Steve and Brad. They were in the
third cell.Since Preteen Sex Videos the cells were basically open barred jail cells the guys could see
everything that was taking place in the main room. Also, as far as the
cell’s were concerned. On this occasion, they had only two objects inside.
On the floor in the center of the room was a small mattress and one small
blanket. As you can imagine, this stone walled basement would get a little
chilly at night. With two boys in each cell, they would have no choice but
to share the tiny little mattress and blanket.With those four locked away, it was time to get back to the penalty
business. I motioned for Jared and Todd to join me. They hurried over and
then I led them to the side of the room where the Rack was.”Okay, boys, here’s the deal. One of you is going on the rack, and the
other one on the punishment horse. Both have their own unique punishment
features that go along with the bondage. You will spend the rest of the
night on whichever one you get.”They both looked very nervous as I pulled a coin out of my pocket.”I’m going to toss this coin in the air. Todd, since you were brave enough
to volunteer, you call it. The winner gets the Rack, the loser, the
Punishment Horse.”I tossed the coin. Todd called “HEADS.” I caught the coin and then showed
them the result. It was TAILS. Todd would spend the night on the horse and
Jared on the Rack.”Okay Todd, you go over and wait beside Preteen Sex Videos the horse. This will take a few
minutes.”Todd walked over to the horse and stood silently as I directed Jared to
climb on to the rack and lay on his back.Jared raised his hands above his head and I quickly secured his wrists in
the padded leather cuffs. I did the same thing to his ankles. Then I
walked around to the wheel at the end of the Rack and began turning it.
Jared’s hot naked body was soon stretched to it’s first pain point. The
muscles in his arms and legs struggled to Preteen Sex Videos adjust to the pulling forces.
His stomach and groin were drawn tight as a drum.I double checked to ensure that there was still circulation in his hands
and feet. They were fine. The restraints were in exactly the right
position. I left Jared like that and headed over to the Punishment Horse.Now don’t worry. That was not all that was in store for little Jared that
night. I didn’t tell you about the two tracks that were suspended above
the rack and what they were all about. Todd was standing beside the horse
with his hands at his side. He had given up trying to hide the state of
his manhood, which was once again painfully hard.I grabbed hold of Todd and forced his chest down onto the horses padded
cross bar. I pulled his arms down the front and secured his wrists to the
horse’s front legs. Then I went around to the back and quickly secured his
ankles to the rear legs. I put the knee restraints on him and secured his
knees to the legs as Preteen Sex Videos
well. He was now completely immobilized and I had
full access to his back, butt, thighs, calves and of course genitals.With the two boys, secured I raised my voice and announced.”Well everyone, Todd and Jared Preteen Sex Videos are now ready for their penalties. You all
may be interested in knowing what they are called. Well, Jared’s Penalty is
called a Rack Waxing. You’ll see what that is about very soon.”I glanced over to Jared and saw him flinch.”Todd’s penalty is called Cock & Ball Torture Extreme. We will begin that
right now.”Todd looked scared Preteen Sex Videos
shitless. And well he should be, I thought.With the formalities over I set to work. I picked up the parachute and
secured on Todd’s ball sac, just above his balls. Picked up two of the
weights and attached them to the parachute chains. The leather parachute
folded won over Todd’s balls and pulled them taught. Todd moaned as he
felt the weight on his balls.”I will be back in a moment for your cock whipping Todd.”Todd’s eyes went wide. I let him think about it as I returned to the rack
and my taught little Jared.Jared’s eyes followed me as I reached up to the two tracks above him. They
were train tracks from a model train set that I had mounted on a couple of
long steel pipes. The pipes were in turn suspended with hinged spring
loaded arms. I pulled on the tracks and Preteen Sex Videos they swung down into place, about
12 inch’s above Jared’s stretched body. One of the tracks ran from the top
of his left shoulder, down his chest, across his stomach and pubes and
ended about midway between his left knee and groin. The other one began at
his right shoulder and continued down his body in similar fashion to his
right thigh.Now remember, both of the tracks were suspended 12 inches above his body.I reached under the rack and pulled out two small toy railroad cars. They
were battery powered and set to run at a very slow speed. They would run
along the little tracks above Jared, until they reached the end of the
track. Then they would Preteen Sex Videos reverse direction and go back the other way. They
could keep up this back and forth movement for hours.I let Jared look at the little cars. He did not seem to understand what
they were for. Then I pointed to the little round wire loops extending
from the sides of each car. He still didn’t get the picture.So I reached under the rack again and retrieved four white utility candles.
I placed the candles in the loops on either side of the cars, and placed
the cars on the tracks.At last Preteen Sex Videos Jared understood. Since the candles were being held by open loops,
there would be no where for the hot wax to go but down. And down meant
right onto the various parts of Jared’s Preteen Sex Videos
painfully stretched naked body.With the candles and cars in place, I switched the cars on but did not
light the candles. I let Jared watch as the cars moved slowly up the
track. It was clear that their course would take them over his chest,
nipples, stomach, pubes, cock, balls and his tender inner thighs. And even
if he was able to move his body to the side to avoid the wax dripping from
one car, he was sure to be directly beneath the other.I let Jared consider this for a moment and returned to Todd.Todd was sweating like crazy. Is cock was still rock hard and was
twitching. I picked up the small riding crop Preteen Sex Videos
and held it in front of his
face.”Ready for your cock whipping Todd?”Todd couldn’t speak. He just nodded.I added another weight to the parachute on his balls. He moaned as his
balls were pulled a little lower. Then I picked up the small riding crop
and knelt down beside the horse. I could see Todd’s huge cock sticking
straight out above his tortured balls. I looked to the cells and could see
that the other four were watching in horrified fascination.”Okay Todd, for this part of the penalty, you will receive ten lashes to
your cock.”Todd was frozen in anticipation and again he just nodded and then gritted
his teeth.”Good boy, now here we go.”I took aim at his throbbing hard-on. Preteen Sex Videos
There was a little rectangular piece
of leather at the end of the crop which would make a whopping sound
whenever it struck skin.The first blow landed on the underside of Todd’s penis, just below his
engorged cock head.”WHOPPPPPP!”Todd pulled against his restraints, “ARRRGGGGGGGGH!” he gasped as the pain
coursed through his hard member.I let him catch his breath. As Preteen Sex Videos
I waited I heard Preteen Sex Videos the sound of someone
coming down the outside stairs. Perfect timing, I thought.”Well Todd it seems like my assistant has arrived. I think I’ll let him
finish your penalty while I work on Jared.”Todd seemed to take it in stride. The others watched as I went over to open
the door. Jared was also straining to see. Todd’s back was to the door,
so he would just have to wait to see.By the looks on their faces, I could tell that the dramatic and surprise
entry of my assistant was having the desired effect. Now there was to be a
second witness to their humiliation. Someone else who would be watching
and probably directing them through more challenges.I opened the door and motioned my assistant inside. He was rather short
and skinny and had a boyish face like Jared. However, his looks were on the
geekish side. He was wearing a pair of military issue camouflage pants, a
khaki T-shirt and floppy camouflage bush hat. All in all, it made for an
interesting picture.I closed the door behind him and directed him to the Punishment Horse. The
four guys in the cells watched his approach. He passed into a pool of light
from one of the wall candles and they saw his face. Their eyes went Preteen Sex Videos wide.Todd saw their reaction and gave them a look that said, “WHAT?”None of them spoke of course. They just stood and stared.My assistant reached the Punishment Horse and slowly stepped around to the
front. He leaned down, took off his hat and looked Todd straight in the
eye.”Hello there COCK BOY. Nice to see you again!”Todd’s eyes went wide and his body trembled. Of course it was Glen, that
diminutive little geek from Forest Hall. The guy who had pulled out some
of his pubic hairs and teased him without mercy. And now it appeared that
it was he who would be directing Todd’s Cock & Ball Torture Extreme
Penalty.Todd shook some more as Glen glanced down to his cock and balls.”Looks like someone’s been having some fun tonight, Cock Boy!”Glen reached down and took hold of Todd’s penis. He gave it a few good
squeezes.”DAMN, you are hard boy! This going to be fun!”Glen looked over to me.”Well sir, where do things stand?I smiled and said, “He still has nine cock lashes coming and as you can see
he already has some weights on his balls. You know the rest of the Cock and
Ball Extreme thing Glen, so enjoy yourself. And feel free to throw in any
of Preteen Sex Videos your little “extra’s!”Glen seemed very pleased. Todd was having enough trouble dealing with his
concerns about the Cock and Ball Extreme terminology. Now he had to deal
the possibility of some “extras” from Glen.Glen wasted no time getting comfortable. He pulled off his T-shirt and
pulled a little step stool in front of the horse. Then he climbed up on
the stool. His groin was now in front of Todd’s face. He slowly unbuttoned
his pants and pulled them open. Todd stared at the huge tent in Glen’s
boxers.Then he caught a whiff of that familiar scent. It was a combination of
piss, stale cum and a manly musk. Todd’s eyes rolled up into his head and
his cock started twitching. He was no longer fighting the conflicting
feelings. Preteen Sex Videos
He had decided to give in to them and see what happened.Todd started licking his lips in anticipation. That made Glen laugh.”Don’t worry Cock Boy, you’ll be getting plenty of that soon enough!”He glanced towards the cells. “And so will your buddies!”"But that’s later, we have work to do now.” He re-buttoned his pants,
climbed off the stool and picked up the small riding crop. He walked to the
side of the horse and leaned down. He tapped Todd’s cock with the end of
the crop and said, “Here we go!”Todd clenched his teeth as Glen took careful aim.”WHOPPPPPP!” Glen’s first blow hit the tip of Todd’s cock head, directly on
his piss slit.”ARRRGGGGGGGGH!” gasped Todd.Glen didn’t wait for Todd to catch his breath.”WHOPPPPPP!” It was another nasty blow. This one landed on the underside
of Todd’s throbbing penis, just above the parachute that was pulling on his
balls.Todd pulled against his restraints and screamed, “ARRRGGGGGGGGH!” His thigh
muscles tensed as he instinctively tried to pull his knees together. But,
of course he couldn’t. The knee restraints took care of that.Though I wanted to continue watching Glen do his thing, I had work to do
myself. I walked over to the rack and took a look at Jared. His taught
naked body was covered with a light sheen of sweat. His cock was once again
at it’s hardest and was pointing up towards his chest. His eyes were glued
to the little cars moving on the tracks above his body.I reached under my robe and pulled out a lighter. I held the lighter in
front of Jared’s face and flicked it on. Jared flinched at the sound and
his eyes grew wide as I slowly moved the flame to Preteen Sex Videos the first candle. The
cars were moving very slowly and it did not take anytime at all to light
all four candles.Jared’s eyes watched the four little candle flames above his body. He
started to shake a little, as the candle flames grew to their full height.
One of the cars was over his left nipple and moving towards his groin. The
other was above his right thigh and moving in the opposite direction.I watched in fascination as the first drops of wax began to puddle on the
candle tips. Each was leaning very slightly, so that the drops of wax would
fall away from the candle. But not enough to cause them to burn down too
fast.Jared flinched as another “WHOPPPPPP!” and “ARRRGGGGGGGGH!” sound echoed
across the room. Glen was continuing his work on Todd’s tortured cock.Then it was Jared’s turn. The first drops of wax Preteen Sex Videos came from the car on his
right. They landed on his sensitive inner thigh. If you have never felt
hot wax on your body before, I can tell you, it can be very intense. The
wax really burns for a second or two. It causes the skin Preteen Sex Videos
to redden a
little, but it does not actually create a burn. But it sure as hell feels
like it!Jared’s scream was an “AHHHHHHHHH…GEEEZE!” His body shook violently and
he strained against his bonds. He was still thrashing when the first drops
from the left car landed on and around his left nipple.”OOOH…AHHHGGGGGG!” he mumbled through his now clenched teeth.I doubled checked Jared’s bonds again. They were snug and tight, but his
circulation was okay. His body would be kept taught for the night but
would not be damaged. I covered Jared’s eyes with a blindfold and
whispered in his ear.”You are doing very well Jared my boy. The penalty will be tough, but I
know you will make it through.” I patted him gently on the head and headed
towards the cells. Another “AHHHHHHHHH…GEEEZE!” echoed behind me to
confirm that Jared’s waxing was proceeding as planned.I saw Glen kneeling in front of Todd. He was tying a small leather cord
around the tip of Todd’s cock. I knew what that was for. He would use
that cord to hold Todd’s cock in whatever position he wanted for the
remainder of the cock whipping.As I approached the cells, I blew out some of the candles on the wall
mounts and dimmed the lights that had been illuminating the cells.”Okay, the rest of you guys need to get some sleep. Don’t worry about Todd
and Jared they’re not going anywhere.”"OOOH…AHHHGGGGGG!” Jared’s latest reaction to the hot wax, seemed to
confirm what I said.I motioned to the four guys in the two cells. With some reluctance, they
laid down on the tiny mattress, side by side and pulled the blanket over
themselves. The mattress was so small, that they would have to press their
naked bodies together, to keep from touching the cold stone floor. I
waited until they were settled and then walked over to Glen.He was once again kneeling beside the horse. He was tugging on the leather
cord and pulling Todd’s erection down, in order to get a clear shot at the
top side.”WHOPPPPPP!” Glen delivered a nasty blow to the center of Todd’s cock. Todd
screamed and bucked wildly.”WHOPPPPPP!” Another blow landed at the base, just where the cock entered
Todd’s dense pubic forest. “ARRRGGGGGGGGH!”Then Glen pulled Todd’s cock back in the opposite direction. Todd’s great
manhood was now stretched taught against his abdomen. The sensitive
underside was now completely exposed and open.”WHOPPPPPP!” That one landed on just below the cock head, and Todd
screamed.Of course I could still hear some sound from Jared. Though you might want
to call them screams, they were not as intense as the first few and were
becoming more like moans. It appeared that young Jared was learning how to
channel his pain.I watched in fascination as Glen ruthlessly completed Todd’s cock whipping.
He was of course familiar with the procedure, having been in Todd’s
position on more than one occasion. After all Glen needed a summer job and
he was one of the best waiters at Tammerlane’s, but because he was not as
studly looking as the other waiters, he never seemed to earn as much in
tips as they did. Add the obvious Preteen Sex Videos
feelings of resentment to his inborn
sadistic nature, and you had the perfect little assistant. Glen just loved
humiliating and torturing the jock boys.At last Todd’s cock whipping ordeal was over. He was sweating profusely
and breathing heavily. His eyes were filled with tears, but his reddened
cock was still very hard.Glen did not wait for any further instructions from me. He removed the
leather cord from Todd’s cock and retrieved the `Water-Bater’ from the
table. Then he put some ointment on Todd’s poor tortured cock. I knew it
would help ease the pain from the lashing, but it would also serve as a
lubricant.Todd looked down and watched as Glen slid the Water-Bater over his cock.
The soft plastic cylinder covered his penis from it’s base to just below
the cock head. A strap at the bottom of Preteen Sex Videos the Water-Bater was pulled around
his balls and secured with a piece of Velcro. There was no way the thing
would slip off.His eyes blinked when Glen switched the Water-Bater on. He felt a very
slight warming sensation as the heating element inside the Water-Bater’s
plastic walls began to heat the water. Then there was something else. The
band inside the walls constricted ever so lightly around his cock and began
slowly moving up. The band would travel up and down the length of his cock
for as long as the Water-Bater was plugged Preteen Sex Videos in. Of course it was currently
on the lowest level. Through the course of the night, it would cycle back
and forth Preteen Sex Videos
through all ten levels. By the time it reached the highest
level, the band which was much tighter would be moving up and down quite
rapidly and the water would be rather hot.Needless to say, Todd’s cock was in for a long night of relentless jacking
and stimulation.When Glen was satisfied that everything was in place, he walked over to me.
I motioned for him to follow me outside the room.We stepped into the stairway that leads up into the Manor House kitchen. I
closed the door behind us, so the pledges could not hear.”Nice job Glen, I am very pleased. Now I’m going to review your
instructions. Did you bring something to read?”"Yes sir, I have a novel in my backpack and a couple of things for school.”"Okay fine. Just be sure to keep an eye on Jared and Todd. I don’t think
there will be any problems. If needs be you can loosen the rack a bit.
And re-light any of the candles if they blow out. Once they are just about
down to the bottom, you can blow them out and turn off the cars.”"I understand Sir.”As much as I wanted to stay Preteen Sex Videos
and watch, I knew I had to get some sleep. We
had a long day ahead of us. I turned to head up the stairs, but paused and
looked at Glen.”Oh yes, and Glen, you may play with both of them if you like, to pass the
time. But you are not to make either of them CUM. If they do, it will be
on their own, which of course neither of them has permission to do. I don’t
know if Jared will come, but you and I both know that Todd certainly will,
more than once, so keep track of the number of times he does. If they
manage to fall asleep, don’t wake them.”I glanced down to Glen’s crotch. His khaki pants were tented out.”And as much as you might want to fuck Todd in his current position, don’t!
Finger him all you want, rub your cock in his crack, but no fucking…
yet! Understood?”Glen’s face had a nasty smile as he said, “Yes sir!”"Good, now I am going to get some sleep. I’ll be down in about five
hours.”"Goodnight sir, you can count on me!”I knew I could. Glen was a real night owl. As much as I enjoyed leaving
boys in nasty predicaments overnight, I always ensured that there was
someone on watch, with them. For safety’s sake. Glen would play with Jared
an Todd a little, especially Todd, but he would follow his orders. Of that
I had no doubt.When I reached my bedroom, I stripped naked and quickly climbed into bed.
I reached over to my nightstand and flipped the switch on the small speaker
box. It was the sound monitor for the dungeon.As I lay there, cock in hand, I listened to the sounds. I could hear
Jared’s periodic sharp squeaks and grunts and pictured the drops of hot wax
landing onto his most sensitive body parts. I stroked harder as I imagined
what his gorgeous boy cock would look like in the morning, probably still
hard and covered with wax, along with his balls, pubes, stomach, chest and
thighs.Then there was another sound. It was Todd. He was obviously in distress
already. He was moaning and gasping for breath. In my mind I could see
what was Preteen Sex Videos happening by the sounds I heard. Though I could have switched on
the basement video monitor, I decided to let the sounds create the picture
in my mind. I would of course have the video tapes from the entire
weekend, for later viewing. For now I would jack myself to sleep using the
theater of my mind.There were a couple of `plops’ followed by a very faint rustling sound and
another muffled `plop.’ I knew exactly what that was. Glen had just taken
off his shoes, pants, and boxers.My cock stiffened in my hand as I imagined him walking across the floor
towards Todd. There was no doubt in my mind that Preteen Sex Videos he was intent on
finishing what he had started earlier that night. I had my confirmation as
I heard wood scrapping on stone. I knew that Glen had pulled the little
step stool over to the front Preteen Sex Videos
of the Punishment Horse. I heard the legs
wobble a little and knew that Glen was now standing on the stool with his
groin in front of Todd’s face.Todd was moaning again and there were a couple of groans from the hapless
Jared. Then I heard Glen speak in hushed tones, “Okay, cock boy, you are
going to finish the job that got interrupted back at the dorm. Now open
your fucking mouth!”Todd’s moaning grew a little louder, no doubt due to the fact his mouth was
now open wider. Then in mid-moan, it was suddenly muffled. That, I knew
meant that Glen’s cock was now inside Todd’s mouth.Again, the hushed voice, “NOW, suck it cock boy!”A series of muffled slurps and moans followed. That went on for a little
while. Soon, there were some additional moans, coming from Glen. I was
jacking myself harder now and fighting the temptation to turn the video
monitor on.Todd’s moaning grew louder. There was a loud slurp and I realized that Todd
had pulled off of Glen’s cock as soon as I heard Todd, call out, “EDGE!”There was another moan and slurp. Preteen Sex Videos
No doubt Glen had forced his cock back
into Todd’s mouth.Jared groaned loudly.Then there was a new sound. It was a thrashing sound. The Punishment Horse
was rocking on it’s legs as Todd began gyrating wildly. I figured the
Water-Bater must be at one of it’s higher levels by now.Once more the loud slurp, but this time it Preteen Sex Videos was followed by a VERY DESPERATE
sounding “EDGE.” I heard Todd’s labored breathing and loud panting.”OHH GOD… EDGE… EDGE!” He called out desperately. He was trying
hard to keep himself from cumming but was losing the battle.To make matters worse, I could hear Jared’s voice
“AHHHHHHHHH…GEEEZE!” He almost shouted.I could not stand it anymore. I grabbed the remote and flipped on the video
monitors. I looked at the one that was recording the action on the rack.
Even in the low light I had a nice picture. Jared’s stretched Preteen Sex Videos body was in
full view. I could see the drops of wax all over his white skin. His cock
was very hard. I saw some drops of wax land on his cock. He convulsed
“OOOH…AHHHGGGGGG!” and started pumping his groin.Then I looked at the Punishment Horse monitor. The naked Glen was standing
on the stool with his groin in Todd’s face, exactly as I had pictured. Todd
was thrashing wildly. Again Todd screamed “EDGGGGGGGGGE!”There was another “OOOH…AHHHGGGGGG!” from Jared. I glanced at his
monitor. His groin was pumping like mad as a drop of wax hit his balls.DAMN, it was like New Year’s Day and I had the end of two bowl games on at
once.Then it happened. Todd had just started to say edge again, when he lost
his Preteen Sex Videos long battle. “ED…EHHHHHH…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”I pulled my eyes away from Jared, just in time to see Todd’s massive
orgasm. Blast after blast shot from his tortured cock. His first shot hit
Glen in the right thigh. Though he was expecting it, the sudden blast
seemed to catch Glen off guard. He fell backwards off the stool. As he was
going down, two more blasts of heavy Todd seed caught him in the face and
chest. I wanted to shout, “INCOMING!” I was so hot and turned on, I could
hardly breath, but it felt so good!Glen was able to turn and break his fall with Preteen Sex Videos
his hands. The result of his
quick turnaround was that Todd’s final volleys caught Glen right in the
ass.I watched in utter fascination as Todd’s gyrations subsided. He was
catching his breath. There was a great sense of relief on his face. I knew
that his relief would turn to something else as soon as he realized that
the Water-Bater was not at all effected by his release, and was continuing
its work on his cock.As much as I wanted to watch Glen deal with the cum that was now all over
his body, I had to get back to Jared’s monitor.Jared was breathing deeply now. He was flinching as more wax dropped onto
his chest and stomach. I noted that his cock seemed just a little softer
and that the head was sparkling.I looked at his flat stomach and saw some more sparkles from reflected
candle light. And of course there it was, a nice large pool of fresh Jared
cum. Jared had shot his own load about the same time as Todd. Though I had
missed it, I consoled myself with the fact that I had the video tape. AHHH,
yes, that would make for many sweet jack off nights.I flipped off the video monitors and laid back on the bed. I was in a
euphoric state. I started fondling my cock again. It was a little soft
and sticky. I looked down and realized that some where in the heat of
Todd’s battle, I had cum as well.As I rubbed my cum around my stomach and chest, I listened to the quiet
sounds from the basement and drifted off to sleep.TO BE CONTINUED*************************************************************************
NOTE: If you have any suggestions for any of the upcoming encounters send
them to westwoodscottyhotmail.com. If I can work them in I will. Most of
the suggestions I have already received have been good and will continue to
be incorporated into the ensuing chapters. Thanks again for the
suggestions and of course the nice commentsFeel free to suggest some devilish challenges/penalties for the pledges.
There is Preteen Sex Videos
still time to work them into the Hell Weekend storyline.Also, for those who have been asking, WE will be getting back to Brett and
Bobby after the Pledge Weekend is over.And of course, there is still the matter of Ronnie, Kyle and Phil, the
three guys mentioned in Chapter 1. They have agreed to go through my
unique `training and testing’ program and have agreed to do the infamous
`anything.’ I will get to them eventually. So if you have any ideas for
those three let me know.For the moment, the main priority for suggestions is for the rest of the
pledge weekend. If you have any of those, get them to me QUICK!Thanks again for reading!Scotty
westwoodscottyhotmail.comSPECIAL NOTE- If you are interested in a TRUE story dealing with a young
boy’s entry into the world of BDSM, check out my ongoing story in the “Young
Friends” section, entitled “Road Less Traveled.” It is an accounting of the
many wild encounters of my youth. And trust me they were wild.
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